Thursday, June 15, 2017

Single: All The Way (Promo CDM) (Prescott Records, 1997)

Here is a further smooth male duo or group that doesn't appear to exist anywhere but as from its promo status, was obviously intended for a wider release at some point. Similar to H-Town and other classic 90s vocal groups like them, I don't know where they are from exactly but the song itself appears to have been recorded in Poughkeepsie, NY.

A Beats4DaStreets and Jewel Case Heaven exclusive only.

Radio Version 3:20
Radio Edit 3:20
LP Version 3:19
LP Edit 3:17

Notes: Tracks 1 & 2 appear to be the same while tracks 3 & 4 appear to be identical TV versions.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

2 Da Real Music: Jams Volume 1 (2 Da Real Music, 1999)

Another obscure compilation featuring a selection of indie artists based out of Newnan, GA. Featured are five in total, Rhonda "Roni" Wilkins (smooth modern soul with "Sorry Won't Make It Right"), Nado Harris (smooth R&B with "Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds" and 1 other), Quasim "Q" Coleman (smooth jazzy R&B with "Something You Did To Me" and on the New Jack Swing tip with "Love At First Sight"), Imari (smooth contemporary R&B with "You Want Your Cake" and 1 other) and Uriah, the compilation's sole Hip Hop/Rap artist and featuring contributions from Nado Harris ("Watcha C") and Rhonda "Roni" Wilkins ("You Want Your Cake - Remix".) Undoubtedly local artists that never did much else, only one of them (Quasim "Q") has any online presence at all and his latter more jazz-influenced work can be brought on CDBaby. He has been active since the mid 80s at least as one half of a funk duo named Quest.  

Just remember where you heard it first 👈

Sorry Won't Make It Right (Featuring Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins) 4:07
Watcha C (Featuring Uriah) 3:40
Don't Bite The Hand (Featuring Nado Harris) 4:56
I Appreciate You (Featuring Imari) 4:59
Something You Did To Me (Featuring Quasim 'Q' Coleman) 3:49
Sleeping With Someone Else (Featuring Nado Harris) 4:03
I'm Not Afraid (Dance Mix) (Featuring Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins) 5:51
You Want Your Cake (Featuring Imari) 3:58
Love At First Sight (Featuring Quasim 'Q' Coleman) 3:51
You Want Your Cake (Remix) (Featuring Uriah, Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins) 4:24
I'm Not Afraid (House Mix) (Featuring Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins, Kiah Rogers & Cornelious Coe) 5:52
You Want Your Cake (Radio Remix) (Featuring Uriah, Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins) 4:24

Friday, June 9, 2017

Tika: The Never Ending Story...(Doe Mac Records, 2002)

Another quite underground but fairly contemporary (for its day) release from Las Vegas, NV. The sound is mostly early 2000s urban-crossover R&B in the style of Monica, Ashanti and other "do me wrong" artists from that era but vocally a lot stronger and with better harmonies. Not much - if anything - is known about the artist but I believe following this she may have served as backup for other artists on the predominantly hip hop label, notably Las Vegas rapper X1 (d. 2007.)

Introduction 0:48
I Like The Way 4:03
Until Now 4:38
Come On (featuring Doe Mac) 3:38
Just You & Me 4:12
Wonderful Day 3:31
Blewback (featuring Doe Mac & G-Lace) 3:55
Interlude 2:10
Love Is Gone 4:00
I'm Giving Back 4:05
Why 4:07
No More 3:49
Outro 0:16

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tara Michelle: Roll Wit' Me (EP) (B.I.G. Productions, 2006)

Another obscurity from the Midwest that - despite being from the mid 2000s when most stuff began to morph into electronic dance music  - has a very smooth conventional R&B feel. Many of the guest rappers are still doing their thing - Arkansas' Lil Yuk has music on You Tube and fellow Midwest rapper Pheddi has a recent song on CDBaby - but not much is known about the artist herself, who hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. I believe she may have been recently involved in a reboot of Indianapolis funk/boogie group Circle City Band although I am not 100% certain.

Tara's Party ft. X 3:58 (Includes interpolations from Mary Jane Girls' "All Night Long.")
Interlude 0:26
Why ft. D Golder & Pheddi 4:02
Like A Lady 4:49
Roll Wit' Me 4:11
Real Thing 4:06
Real Thing (Remix) ft. Lil Yuk, 40 & Eddie Caine 4:12

Friday, June 2, 2017

Catrina C: Gotta Git My Groove On (EP) (South Movement Recording, 1998)

From Anderson, SC, further under-the-radar R&B from Catrina Chester, a singer-songwriter that was formally one third of a girl group called M.A.C. (Mandy, Asabi and Catrina) before releasing this solo EP in 1998. A few tracks are influenced by southern hip hop styles but the type of music is predominantly late 90s R&B with an underground sound. Two (tracks 1 and 2) may or may not have been recorded with her former group M.A.C. and one (track 6) is a feature from the producers DJ Tuc and Cool Chuck who were also joint founders of the record label South Movement Recordings. I don't know if a full-length album was ever released but according to her Facebook page she has at least two CDs under her belt and was at one point working on a third.

Gotta Git My Groove On 3:22
Bring It On 4:42
U Were Wrong 3:22
Work It Out featuring Mr. Nance 4:04
Mr. Right (98 Remix) 4:08
N Yo Area - Bonus track featuring DJ Tuc & Cool Chuck 4:48