Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jamecia Bennett: Back In The Day (Unreleased) (1998)

Yet another unreleased compilation from Jamecia Bennett and recorded in the late 90s. More hip hop soul than her earlier work, I am unsure of what label it was recorded for - if any - but at least one song (If I Go Boy) was produced by Barry Bee who later went on to produce for Sounds Of Blackness, a gospel super group she was at one point and still is highly affiliated with. Again I have no idea why she never blew up, not even on the gospel scene with her mother Ann.

Thug Wife 5:00
Back In The Day 5:10
You Got To Do It 4:27
Joy 4:20
Signed & Sealed 4:02
You Got To Do It (Pt 2) 4:35
If I Go Boy 4:56
Be Here 4:53
Ready For Love 4:34
Everybody Get Up 3:46
Joy (Remix) 4:51
We Made it 5:07