The Best of 2017

Many thanks again to Stuaaart for his contributions.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Adonis featuring J.J. Carn: Don't Be Afraid (Promo CDM) (Constantica Music, 1997)

From the daughter of renowned jazz/soul vocalist Jean Carn, a mid paced number from independent artist J. J. Carn and produced by her brother Joseph (Adonis) Carn. Appearing like a promo with a hand-crafted paper back insert, I don't know how much of a wide release it got but it doesn't appear to exist anywhere else. Joseph later went on to produce for LaFace recording artist Pressha on "Don't Get It Twisted."

Radio Mix 4:16
ADONIS Mix 4:03
Phantom Power Mix 4:06
Philly Soul Mix 4:41
Wheeler Street Dub 5:37

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Marilynn: I Want You (Bomar Music, 1994)

From Chi-Town, more independent R&B and going all the way back to 1994. Nothing is known about the artist but the main producer of the work later went on to work on the underground rap scene. The style of music is a mixture of quiet-storm modern soul, New Jack Swing and electronic dance music with Caribbean and gospel influences. Thanks again to Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets for the contribution. 

Say It Ain't So 4:56
I Want You 3:27
Slo-motion 4:00
Love Change 4:26
Sexual Healing 4:43 (A cover of Marvin Gaye's song of the same name)
Give Love A Try 4:42
Paradise 5:52
He's Got It 4:11
Higher 3:53
Just For Your Love 4:17
Why Do Me Wrong 3:50
Don't You Wanna Dance 4:22
No More Tears 4:17
Enjoy Today 4:02

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Chris Collier: Get Low [EP] (Downlow Records, 2004)

Another hidden gem out of the musical mecca of Illinois with Chris Collier, an artist whose sound parallels R. Kelly, Usher and many others from the early 2000s era. Sadly there is no information to be found about anywhere - the CD appears to be a private release on his own label - but at least one of the songs (the title track) may have been released to local-area radio. Many thanks once again to Nik from from for the recommendation 😉.

Get Low 3:32
Goin' Down 4:18
It's Real 4:35
Don't Wanna Stop 3:41
Heaven 3:59
Get Low (Radio Version) 3:30

1L: My Everything (CDM) (M.O.B. Records, 200x)

From the same label as Chicago stepping artist Col'Ta, further independent music from the Windy City that sadly ends here. While Col'Ta's album Naive was not released, she did make an appearance on DJ Casper's second comp The Slide Album Part II. The above guy - who has more of a smooth contemporary R&B sound - did not as far as I can tell and I don't think his own album ("War Of Love"as advertised on the back of this CD) was ever released either. No information about him anywhere and no exact date of release but the song features an interpolation of The Stylistics 1971 classic soul hit You Are My Everything. 

Another beats4dastreets exclusive comin'atcha...

My Everything [Radio] 3:51
My Everything [Acappella] 3:46
My Everything [Instrumental] 3:49

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Day: Feel Our Impact [Sampler EP] (MCA Records, 1998)

Unreleased 90s production by an unknown MCA Records neo soul act. It is unknown whether they were a group or duo but evidently they (along with a further acoustic hip hop act named S.H.A.D.O.W.) went no further than here. The style vocally and musically is somewhat reminiscent of Sade and includes spoken word male vocals.

(Melky Sedeck) Raw 3:38
(Regina Belle) Don't Let Go 3:15
(S.H.A.D.O.W.) Tonight's The Night 4:27
(Eboni Foster) Crazy For You 3:43
(Aaron Hall) None Like You 4:18
(Day) How Many Times 4:27
(Keith Washington) I Don't Mind 4:19

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Unknown Artists: Jorge "G-Man" Corante Songs (EP) (199x)

Unreleased top level productions from Jorge "G-Man" Corante, probably best known for his remix of Janet Jackson's "Twenty Foreplay" and to a slightly lesser degree his work on Adina Howard's 1995 album "Do You Wanna Ride?" Approximate titles had to be given for the tracks but all appear to check out in the ASCAP repertoire as being correct. Of the four songs included, only one was ever released and was recorded by Ivan Matias for his album "Sweetest Hangover" in the late 90s. The writer of the track was Andrea Martin (listed here by her professional name Andrea Monica Martin), who had also penned hits for Monica, En Vogue and many more popular artists before releasing her own work "The Best Of Me" in 1998. Here she is singing the original demo along with a further track, the smooth "Hearts Don't Lie." (Her vocals on both are pitched slightly lower but it is definitely her singing.) The two final productions are sung by an unidentified male singer who I believe may be Nick Shay Dibenedetto. In the 90s, he wrote songs for Immature and Blackgirl, and did backing vox for Damion Hall.

Show Me Your Style 4:23
Hearts Don't Lie 5:06
Sexy Moves 4:55
Lover Like You 3:40