Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Baby Girl: You Can't Turn Me Off (Demo Cassette) (199x)

Acquired from my co-contributor Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets, a further demo cassette from a mystery female artist and recorded onto a multi-track analog master, probably in the early 90s. It is a somewhat DIY rendition of 70s soul group High Inergy's song of the same name and combines elements of synth, soul and rap. I don't know much about them but their original rendition reached number two on the Billboard Black Singles Chart in 1978.

Vocal & Rap 4:03
Instrumental 4:04

Monday, October 16, 2017

BlackGirl: Treat U Right (Promo Cassette) (Kaper/RCA Records, 1994)

Advance pressing of BlackGirl's one and only album featuring tracks (1, 11) that did not make the final cut. Along with NKRU, they were another group group signed to RCA's urban label Kaper Records in the early to mid 90s. While the more rap-orientated NKRU never went beyond one single, this group seemed to fair better with four singles between 1993-1994, including two that charted on the Hot 100. They released one album Treat U Right that featured production from a pre-Redzone Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Derek Allen (mostly known for his work with Bobby Brown) and Dallas Austin's then-associate Arnold Hennings. Signed to the same label as the immensely popular SWV, they were lucky that they didn't get too much shade but sadly their career never progressed any further despite being nominated for two Soul Train awards in 1995.

Many thanks again to my pal Stuaaart over @ beat4dastreets for his OG press

D.O.B.G. (Definition Of A Blackgirl) 1:57 (Unreleased)
Krazy 4:35
Treat U Right 5:01
Can U Feel It 5:22
Where Did We Go Wrong 5:20
Chains Of Love 4:52
Ooh Yeah (Smooth) 5:24
90s Girl 5:21
Nubian Prince 6:25
Things We Used To Do 4:50
Are You Alone 4:39 (Unreleased)
Can't Live Without You 5:16
Let's Do It Again 4:56

NOTE: Despite being listed on the front, Too Fast does not appear anywhere on the cassette

Monday, October 9, 2017

Jamecia: So Special (Promo Cassette) (Mercury, 1995)

More unreleased R&B from Mercury Records, this time the daughter of renowned gospel artist Ann Nesby and mostly known for her only single "Rodeo Style" in '94. Sadly I don't know much about her but it appears she got her start singing soprano with her mother in the gospel super group Sounds Of Blackness in 1991. This apparently lead to her being discovered by Mercury Records where she went on to release two singles as a solo artist. Neither got much of a wide release - promo only from what I can tell - but "Rodeo Style" appeared on the soundtrack to the 1994 movie Jason's Lyric. She recorded a whole album which for reasons unknown never saw the light of day but some tracks were later leaked to bootleg vinyl with the title "Jamecia - The Album" around '96. I don't know much about the production side but a least a few tracks were produced by Chad "Ceuss" Elliott, who was formally a member of Devante's Swing Mob team in the 90s.

Prelude [Take Me] 0:49
Very Special 4:56
All Night Long 4:40
Run To Me 4:49
Wonderful 4:24
Rodeo Style 4:33
Paris Interlude 1:38
Keep It Real 3:30
It's Alright 3:57
Dr. Ceuss Interlude 2:17
24 Hours 4:18
Do Me Baby 4:30
What's The Reason 4:42
Love Is Gonna Get U 5:22

OG copy personally ripped by my pal Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets

Adrian & Terrell: Dance With Me (Promo VLS) (Red Dot Records, 199x)

More obscure R&B on vinyl that I know little about but might be based out of Wilmington, DE from the only other release found under this label on Discogs. Quite possibly a test press but don't know for exact certain. No date of release but guessing the late 90s from the sample-rich hip hop sound. 

~Another beats4dastreets exclusive~

Dance With Me [Main Edit W Rap] 3:58
Dance With Me [Instrumental] 3:54
Dance With Me [Main Edit No Rap] 3:58
Dance With Me [Acappella] 3:56

Friday, September 22, 2017

Charmagne: Cafe On Magne (Prophet Records, 2000)

Another lucky find while online crate digging, the full-length album from Charmagne whose only single is posted here. It was an obscure but great find from my co-contributor Stuaaart and after some digging about online I realized that the artist was none other than Charmagne Tripp, better known to some for her feature on Eminem's 2009 song We Made You. Her single was released in 1998 but the above album came two years later and is a blend of jazzy and  late 90s mellow R&B with smooth, silky vocals 💯👌. It is a good compliment to her 2004 album Purpose, which can be found on CDBaby, and similarities can be drawn to Chanté Moore and another indie artist featured here Tracey McLiechey.

Tripp hails from Hartford, Connecticut.   

Heaven 4:06
I'm Comin Over 4:21
Will You 4:46
Don't Just Walk Away 4:10
Are You Sure 4:58
Can't Play Me 4:10
R U Ready 4:15
What Would She Do 5:36
Are You Sure (3D Remix) 4:55

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dawn Blair: No Turning Back (Demo) (Self-Released, 200x)

From our guy in Virginia, another artist found while digging through the crates and kindly sent to me once again from my regular contributor Stuaaart. The artist, who hails from Powhatan, VA, can be found on SoundClick where she is or was an unsigned artist. I believe this project was a demo but I don't know for exact certain. The CD itself is a Verbatim vinyl CDr; regardless, the sound here is mid 2000s contemporary R&B with jazzy/bluesy samples and neo soul facets. Scroll down for our collection so far.

Uninterrupted 4:41
Any Good 3:46
Loving You 5:07
Crazy Game 3:55
The Only One 3:21
Have You Ever 5:13
Champion 3:33
Feelings 4:34
No Turning Back 3:44
At Your Feet 3:19
You've Done Me Wrong 3:19
Business Goes On 3:25

**Further unique finds found while digging through the crates in Virginia can be found here**