Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blacksmith: Demo (199x)

8-track demo from an unknown UK group or duo who I presume are the same as the 90s songwriting/producing trio comprised of Hugh Atkins, Karl Atkins, Pete Trotman. Formally known as The Beat Lads in the 80s, they released a handful of 12" singles throughout the 90s before moving on to producing/remixing. Along with Cutfather & Joe, The Ignorants and Full Crew, they were at the forefront of remixing many popular UK artists in the late 90s and early 2000s. I don't know when this demo was recorded but the sound is early to mid 90s UK street soul/acid jazz with funky beats, lots of synths and smooth, melodic male vocals. I don't know it was a demo for the group themselves or submissions for somebody else but it was made at Sony Music Operations, presumably in the West Coast.

One of the people [Brady Blade] mentioned in the contact info was an A&R guy at several labels before working with the UK acid jazz/funk outfit the Brand New Heavies in the 90s.

Let Me Show You 6:05
Can't Stop 4:19
The Power 4:44
The One 4 Me 5:28
Never Leave U Lonely 6:17
Rhythm Of Life 4:50
Best Of Love 4:34
Time 4 Love 4:26

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Unknown Male Group: JPD Jams (Demo) (199x)

More unknown male R&B and featuring 1 track smooth, synthy R&B and 1 track early 90s (possibly 1992 or 1993) New Jack Swing. I know nothing about it but as with a lot of these old demo cassettes I unearth, had some connection to an unnamed Sony producer back in the days. Both tracks feature different vocalists so assuming either a male group or two different soloists here.

Approximate titles given

Like The Children 4:50
Give You The Best Of Me 3:41

Monday, December 4, 2017

The San Fransisco Originals: Demo [EP] (R&B Productions, 1991)

A further demonstration from a male group or duo who - as their name implies - originated from the San Francisco area in the early 90s. There's no information about them anywhere but the sound is a blend of modern soul, blues and New Jack Swing; somewhat similar to LeVert when they first came out in the late 80s maybe but slightly less poppy. All are original songs with the exception of track 4 which is a cover of The Temptations song of the same name.

Let Me Know 4:30
The Love We Shared 4:37
Story Of My Life 4:09
I Wish It Would Rain 4:00

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Various Artists: Lorenzo Pryor Demo [EP] (199x)

Unreleased music from Lorenzo Pryor, who was songwriter/producer who worked with the DeBarge family in the 80s. In the 90s, he wrote songs for Snoop's protegee Delano, the R&B quartet Harmony Innocents and The Rainbow Girls. The above tape contains 3 songs that I can't find any information about and I am presuming that they were never used. There is no date of issuance but guessing early 90s judging by the sound. Featuring 1 upbeat (New Jack Swing maybe?) and 2 slow jams, the first a old skool R&B track with smouldering vocals while the second more of a pop-soul  style like Whitney Houston. All appear to feature different female vocalists with additional male vocals on track 2.

Approximate titles

I Can Give You Anything You Want 6:06
It's Alright 4:27
If It's Only Love 3:53

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Valerie: Where Is The Love? (Kon-Kord Records, 1997)

Great sounds from Hollywood, CA with Valerie, a soulful vocalist mostly known around collector's circles for her single "Crazy About You" which was released in 1997. I don't know anything about the artist but the label Kon-Kord Records had been active since 1979 and mainly focused on soul and blues music. Other artists on their roster that my fellow indie people may know include Serenade (male R&B group), M. Spivey, and Chazz Dixon. Sadly the above album seems to be pretty obscure with no mentions of it at all on the label's website (last updated in 2014) or anywhere else online. Though the front cover leaves a lot to be desired, is an array of many different styles not limited to contemporary R&B, funk, 80s hip hop and even a little new wave with sultry, soulful vocals.

Though they share the same name, the above Valerie is a totally different artist to the gal I have posted here.

Crazy About You 4:32
Where Is The Love 3:34
Why Is He So Good To Me 4:09
Don't Lead Me On 5:59
Dance Partner 5:06
Hour Of Love 4:34
(Why Can't People) Be For Real 5:07
Don't Make Me Walk Away 4:54
Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) 4:48
Jam Around The World 6:14
Emergency 5:10
Ageless Love 3:03

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nesa: Lovers Like Us (Imani-Marie Records, 1999)

Hailing from the greater Los Angeles area, slinky urban-pop fashioned to appeal to fans of Aaliyah, Brandy, Janet and others from the late 90s/early 2000s era. I don't know much about the artist but she does have a past profile on Sonicbids where her music is touted as "melt in your mouth" and "smooth and silky." The label is an obscure one as well with only one other release to their name, a G-Funk compilation "L.A Borderlines Volume 1."

Anything 3:27
Take Me Higher 3:53
Making Time 4:59
Lovers Like Us 4:10
Interlude 1:25
If It's Love 3:30
Patchouli Amber Moon 4:19
Simply Exquisite 5:57
Keep It Real 3:50
Can't Let Go 3:15
I'm Down 4:29
Cutie Pie 4:42 (One Way cover)
Sunshine 3:22
Superwoman 3:48