Friday, April 13, 2018

Shay-La: Demo [EP] (Shay-La Productions, 199x)

Originally posted back at the beginning of 2016, Shay-La was an independent singer-songwriter based out of Deerfield, Illinois most notably known in collector's circuits for her 1996 self-titled album. Not much was known about her but having recently been able to look at the artwork (Stuaaart's copy did not come with any), it seems she worked with Low End Theory's Carnell Newbill and E-Smoove on the project which she wrote and produced herself. The above EP appears to have been compiled not long after and features 4 brand new tracks. I am guessing that it may have been given out during live shows but not entirely certain. Whether or not the songs were recorded at the same time as her album I cannot say but the sound - smooth 90s R&B with inflections of hip hop and soul - is very similar. It's hard to believe that she was an independent artist from a small village just some 90 miles north of Chicago. She really had an amazing sound.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Ladi Lyke: Demo [EP] (200x)

Previously unheard demo sessions from Chicago sister R&B duo Chyna & Kole (AKA Ladi Lyke) and possibly recorded prior to their 2005 EP although I am not 100% certain. The date given is early 2000s but the sound here is very 90s with funky R&B and smooth Chicago soul sounds. Four have never been released at all but one "All Because Of You" was later polished up and included on their most recent EP "Love Like A Ladi." Released 13 years after their first, it seems at one point they were hyped for big things but sadly they have always stayed pretty underground.

I Wanna Git Down 2 Nite 4:12
All Because Of You 4:44
Ain't Nothing But A Party Going On 3:26
Secret Under Cover Lover 4:32
Midnight 4:12

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Custom Made: Luv U Down (Cassette Single) (FAB Records, 1995)

Back to Chi-Town for more great unknown 90s R&B and produced by Keith Henderson who had worked with all the big names around town including R Kelly, Aaliyah and many others at the legendary Chicago Recording Company. I've never seen this group anywhere - they appear to be very indie - but they had sound somewhat similar to early Changing Faces who Henderson had also worked with as well... 

Luv U Down 4:56
Where Do I Stand 4:35

Friday, March 16, 2018

Various Artists: Keith Andes Demos (Promo CDr) (EMI Music Publishing, 2000)

Unreleased demos from Keith Andes, a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Atlanta who was mostly active during the 90s. I don't believe any of the songs were ever submitted to any artists and from what I can tell, none appear in the ACE or BMI Repertories. Most were co-written with other musicians, mainly Brandy's former writer Kenisha Pratt and Ricky Jones. Jones provides vocals for most of the tracks along with Wisconsin singer-songwriter Jeff Dixon (now known as Jeff M. Dixon) and some others. Jones formally worked with Andes with his early 90s soul/vocal group Yours Truly. Sadly they fell through the cracks but Andes later went on to achieve platinum success with artists such as En Vogue and also worked alongside Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Again many thanks to Stuart for the contribution.

Keith Andes w/ Kenisha Pratt - #1 4:19
Keith Andes w/ Kenisha Pratt - That's The Way I Like It 4:18
Ricky Jones w/ Kenisha Pratt - Girl Next Door 4:37
Ricky Jones - I Cried [2000 Demo] 4:23
Ricky Jones - I Just Wanna Be With You 4:37
Ricky Jones - How Does It Feel? 5:07
Ricky Jones - Set It Off 5:44
Ricky Jones - I Cried [2001 Demo] 4:23
Lil Man - That's The Way I Like It 4:24
Lil Man - I Ain't Got The Time 4:16
Jeff Dixon - Thick Cutie 4:32
Jeff Dixon - Get Away 3:25
Jeff Dixon w/ Staci Shepard - Everything 4:39
Coretta Matthews - Character In Me 5:39
Ricky Jones - I Need You In My Life 4:31
Ricky Jones - Ain't No Way 4:20

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Flawless: Unreleased Sampler (Entune Entertainment, 200x)

A blast from the past...the missing group from the Tripod web page featuring up and coming independent female R&B groups from the early 2000s. I first found the page back in 2015 and of the five groups featured there, I managed to track down only three of them...Southern trios Fe'Male and 3-2NV and Detroit duo Ja-Shiek. There was another sister trio (CS3) from Washington State but they seemed a little too poppy to be featured here and the above group, which at the time I couldn't find anywhere. I was under the impression that they went unreleased but was surprised when this CD

Sunday, March 11, 2018

VIP: The Blazen' Demo CD (Signature Productions/Dtown Publishing, 2000)

Back when I first started out, I was obsessed with finding a group that sounded like early 2000s Destiny's Child and although I found some pretty amazing stuff along the way, I never really came across anything that sounded even remotely like them. I used the term "Destiny's Child-like" lightly and it basically just became an umbrella term for any female R&B group with an urban-crossover sound from the early 2000s. Until now. Yes, the above group sound almost exactly like them, even down to one of the vocalists whose tone and vocal mannerisms are very similar to Beyonce's were